Second stakeholder workshop

April 2022 – As part of the multi-stakeholder dialogue conducted in SHAPE, the second and final stakeholder workshop was held in the week of April 4-8, 2022. 35 stakeholders from the governmental, civil society and business sectors as well as academic experts joined us in our virtual discussion sessions. The workshop focused on first quantitative results of the new and co-created Sustainable Development Pathway scenarios (SDPs).  

Designed to capture different regional perspectives, the workshop consisted of multiple focus sessions distributed over the course of the week with participants from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. The regional sessions were further complemented by a focus session with participants from global level organisations allowing for cross-scale comparisons. In the workshop, context-specific sustainable development priorities and challenges for human well-being and the CLEW nexus were discussed, next to the desirability and feasibility of the different SDPs. The workshop aimed at fostering the discussion about the use of the SDPs in multiple contexts, while at the same time obtaining feedback for the final model runs and for the dissemination of the project results.

The workshop was a very valuable opportunity for direct knowledge exchange between SHAPE consortium members and a dedicated group of stakeholders and further academic experts from diverse backgrounds. We thank all our participants and their organisations very much for their invaluable contributions and their time dedicated to the SHAPE project during this workshop.

For more information on the workshop procedure, please refer to the agenda below. A detailed report will become available soon.


agenda 2nd stakeholder workshop.png