Questionnaire 2020

September 2020 – The questionnaire was a first step to get stakeholders actively involved in the SHAPE project. A group of targeted stakeholders was invited to answer a number of questions on the narratives that underlie the scenarios of the SHAPE Sustainable Development Pathways (SDPs). The questionnaire aimed at getting a first round of external feedback on the narrative development as proposed by the SHAPE consortium. The responses provided focal topics for discussion during the workshop from 20-22 October 2020. They also served as a basis for the grouping and sequencing of the workshop’s thematic sessions.

The questionnaire was structured into three parts. The stakeholders were asked to comment on each of the individual dimensions, branches and narrative combinations which are part of the SHAPE methodology. Moreover, the recipients were asked to suggest new aspects that are not yet covered in the narratives for the SDPs.

Released directly after the online seminar in early July 2020, 76 questionnaires were sent out over the period from July until the end of September. We received 25 questionnaires of which 19 were completely filled in. The results were evaluated throughout September and October 2020 and built an important basis for our stakeholder workshop.

We thank everyone very much for sending us their responses!