Stakeholder dialogue

The development of the Sustainable Development Pathways is carried out in a co-designing process with a variety of stakeholders. The stakeholder panel includes representatives from climate policy and the 2030 Agenda, civil society organizations, business, and experts from specific sectors/disciplines related to climate change mitigation and sustainability. As the participating stakeholders are engaged in diverse Sustainable Development Action processes, they can influence the identification of regionally and sector-relevant sustainable development indicators for 2030 and beyond.

The stakeholder dialogue includes various webinars and workshops, which are described in more detail in the section events. In the FAQ section you will find some additional background information on the stakeholder dialogue and its role in the project. Two short videos visualise the approach and the scenarios developed in SHAPE.

The figure below (please click on it to get a larger picture) gives a schematic overview of the relationship between the stakeholder engagement process and the content work on the Sustainable Development Pathways. The reports of the dialogue can be downloaded here (phase I) and here (phase II).

Figure: Interdependencies of modeling work and stakeholder dialogue