WP 1 - Stock-take and stakeholder interaction

For the topics addressed in the SHAPE project, several policy processes, actor alliances, and action agendas already exist. WP1 therefore aims to

  • implement a meaningful, integrative and gender balanced interaction with stakeholders for the co-design of the Sustainable Development Pathways (SDPs) developed in WP6
  • help stakeholders to better understand the contributions of Integrated Assessment Models to sustainability policy and practice; and
  • establish networks in science/policy/practice as dissemination channels to enable a wide use of SHAPE results.

WP 1 will trace out the existing networks of stakeholders as well as their interests, and scopes of influence, and stock-take current knowledge about developments, opportunities, gaps and challenges in the context of Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement. A focus will be on cross-sector and cross-scale interactions of stakeholders from policy, business and civil society. The stakeholder engagement will reflect the different governance architectures that coexist in societies, paying special attention to the growing role of civil society and business actors in implementing the goals of sustainable development and climate policy.

The work package will conceptualize and organize a webinar and two workshops with stakeholders to co-design Sustainable Development Pathways (scenarios) to 2030 and beyond. The first workshop and the webinar will be part of the feed-in process to the co-design of these Pathways. The second workshop will be dedicated to reviewing the preliminary project results.  Through the workshops and the webinar a joint learning platform is established by WP1 to explore links between the Sustainable Development Pathways and climate mitigation together with the stakeholders. Thereby, taking appropriate account of regional, civil society and economic perspectives on the pathways outlined in the project.


Stakeholder dialogue (Foto: You X Ventures / Unsplash)