Welcome to the SHAPE project

Sustainable development pathways achieving Human well-being while safeguarding the climate And Planet Earth (SHAPE)E SDG Poster 2019_without UN emblem_WEB.png

The SHAPE project 

  • investigates interactions between options to mitigate climate change and the broader agenda of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals
  • models and analyses Sustainable Development Pathways that simultaneously achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in 2030, maintain sustainable development thereafter, and meet the climate targets set out in the Paris agreement.

Research questions:

  1. What are the crucial interdependencies between Sustainable Development Goals related to climate mitigation, land and water, consumption and production, and questions of economic development and inequalities?
  2. Which system transformations can overcome trade-offs and enhance synergies and help to achieve a broad range of sustainable development objectives simultaneously?
  3. What are effective means of governance facilitating the deep transformations required to climate action and other SDGs on both the regional and global level?

SHAPE runs from September 2019 to June 2023. The project is funded by the ERA-NET AXIS Call initiated by the JPI Climate, and funded by FORMAS (SE), FFG/BMBWF (AT), DLR/BMBF (DE), NWO (NL) and RCN (NO) with co-funding by the European Union. SHAPE works closely together with the other projects of the AXIS call, especially with the CHIPS project.

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